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Sept 21, 2014

Calling All Playwrights! Skylight Theatre Offers a Home for New Voices to Shine

by M.R. Hunter, EyeSpyLA   April 18, 2014

Like any art, theater is in a constant state of evolution. It enjoyed preeminence before the talkies appeared a century ago. Everything changes. Newspapers struggle against the internet, critics who once wrote essays and books on the state of theater let alone verbose reviews are reduced to a mere doubling of Twitter-sized word counts and a diminishing of their importance. Actors are not so nearly eager to dive into a six-week run at the expense of a better paying gig. The trickledown effect has been enormous and palpable. One role has remained the same, the playwright. Without him/her, there is no show excepting improvisation. Yet, much in how theater has been indelibly altered by technology and dwindling, less-than-captive audiences, so too has the playwright suffered the slings and arrows of theater's hegemony by lack of accessibility.  

For a playwright to find a foothold between his/her script and the stage door one has to crack the door, or in this case, a window to let opportunity and development shine its way through.  Artistic Director Gary Grossman of the Skylight Theatre Company (previously known as Katselas) is determined to offer a place for playwrights to experiment, hone, fail or succeed. Having produced over 300 plays and over 50 world premieres, Grossman is fearless in his conviction: emerging playwrights are the future of theater. Finding and developing raw talent is his goal. It is a lofty mission in the face of flagging audiences, competing revivals (where everyone knows at least the play is good) and word of mouth. In a city rife with writers like Los Angeles, the demand is great but the supply, up until the company's rebranded vision, has been poor with few options beyond the Fringe Festival or workshops. A playwright haven is an oasis

"There's a dearth of places that support new work," Grossman admits in the office next ....              Read More

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Artistic Advisory Board

Alfred Molina
Andy Ackerman
Billy Porter
Brooke Adams
Buck Henry
Dan Bucatinsky
Don Roos
Ed Asner
Eric McCormack

Geoffrey Nauffts
Jeffrey Richman
Joan Rater
Joe Spano
John Benjamin Hickey
Johnny Galecki
Marc Shmuger
Marcia Milgrom Dodge
Mary McDonnell
Peter Gallagher
Scott Ellis
Sharon Lawrence
Sheryl Kaller
Stacy Keach
Terrence McNally
Thomas Sadoski
Winnie Holzman




    The Skylight Theatre Company is committed to developing and producing new works, introducing plays new to Los Angeles - and educating and nurturing the artists that create them.




  • Play Reading

    Play Reading Series, Skylight Theatre Company INKubator development program


    A first glimpse into new projects. Inkubator's Play Reading Series is free to the writer.  There are no age or topic restrictions. Our focus is on local talent and to be included the work needs to have progressed to the point where presenting it before an audience is necessary for the creator to move their work forward.  Learn more here


  • PlayLab

    playlab JPG

    PlayLab is

    our professional play writing laboratory and a key player in our mission to create new plays for today's audience. Membership is by invitation with writers creating a new play from scratch each year. Selected works are performed by professional actors and directors in LAb WORKS, an annual festival of the Lab's new works. Learn more here


  • SoloMojo

    SoloMojo, solo performance intensive - Skylight Theatre Company  
    "One simply could not find a finer solo performance workshop anywhere in this country"

    The Ancient Art of Storytelling

    continues to enthrall artists and audiences alike

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