from all of us... Happy Thanksgiving!
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square through leavesWe hope that you’re able to enjoy the holiday with family and friends this year.

At our table it’s a tradition at the end of the meal to share something we’re grateful for. This year I wish our table was bigger; a lot bigger so I could tell you in person how grateful I am for you, our Skylight family of patrons and artists.  

Each year we embark on an adventure and we hope that you’ll want to come along - and you do. You buy tickets and memberships. You share your talents and your ideas. You talk about us. You talk to us. You invite your friends, and you contribute so that others can discover what you already know - that theatre has the power to transform lives. Together we create Skylight.

Together we change lives.  Stories rarely heard find their voice and actors get the chance to portray their own race or culture, sometimes for the very first time.  At-risk teens discover that they matter, and talented artists learn that depth of experience, age, gender, or way of life are not a barrier to opportunity at Skylight.  You do this. You make this happen every time you say yes to Skylight.

So thank you.  I hope that your Thanksgiving is filled with laughter and warm memories.

All my best,

Sandee Grossman
Executive Director

          Holiday Events, Skylight Theatre Company 2015

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