Jesse JacobsonMeet Jessie Jacobson from SHADES OF DISCLOSURE

Jessie is a member of QueerWise, a Los Angeles based group of LGBTQ writers and spoken word artists and wrote and tells her own story in SHADES OF DISCLOSURE.

I’m Jessie Jacobson. I’m a transwoman who has worked as a Marriage & Family Therapist, a lecturer (on trans issues and psychology), a musician (guitar, bass, vocals) and a musical producer.

In 2015 I first began participating in theatrical readings of my own prose and poetry with Rant and Rave and Library Girl. SHADES OF DISCLOSURE is my first involvement in both a collaborative writing venture and group, QueerWise; and the theatre itself, as both a performer and a guitarist/singer. I was also invited to contribute an original song to the production and chose to take individual lines from each of the QueerWise member’s monologues to help fashion a lyric which I completed and put to music resulting in the song “Living History”. I am honored to be working with the remarkable writers in QueerWise, QueerWise leader and Shades director Michael Kearns, and the Skylight Theatre in this theatrical tribute to the LGBTQ community and AIDS awareness.