Edward Hong, Skylight Theatre Edward Hong is an actor who constantly obsesses over Cinnabons while he dreams of one day vanquishing evil on top of a gigantic corgi named Spike. Other than that, this Cinnabon Monster has been on a bunch of TV primetime shows, indie films, commercials, and other stuff.

Most recently he fulfilled his pastry dreams in cinematic form by playing the Cinnabon Guy himself in PLEASE STAND BY coming out in theatres this fall starring Dakota Fanning and Alice Eve. He will be recurring on DEVIOUS MAIDS and will also be seen as a supporting lead in HOT AIR alongside Matthew Gray Gubler and Jere Burns this summer. He has also been seen in LOPEZ, ANGIE TRIBECA, NEW GIRL, LEGIT, and more. He hopes you enjoyed reading this biography and that you will go eat a Cinnabon right after you read this.