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This why we create theatre and bring compelling new stories to life.

Excerpted from letters written by high schools students after attending a play produced by Skylight Theatre Comany

The play made me realize that there are many people out there that still believe in equal rights that aren’t in the youth group (no offense).  -  L

This play opened my eyes in ways nothing else did.
So thank you.
- RA

 I didn’t think of what I, as a young person, could be worth in our large, often intimidating society.
There are things going on that affect me and my peers around me and your words and stories pushed me
to know that I have a say and the power to make myself heard.
Thank you with all my heart.
- R

My brother is gay so learning a bit about the struggles he never talks about was very informing.
It sheds a new light on my perspective.
- G


I’d never went to a play before. Just entering the theatre took my breathe away - the greenery, the friendly smile
that greeted me at the door, etc.   I loved the fact that the director and actors and actresses didn’t treat the play
as a job - you could see their passion and love and pain and sadness. 
It was beautiful. 
- MW 

We work with artists, teens, young adults - in the theatre, in classrooms and detention centers.  We are a part of our community and offer audiences an opportunity to go Beyond Conversation and broaden their theatre going experience.  


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