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written by Kathryn Graf

directed by Joel Polis

                    SKYLIGHT THEATRE
October 2011 to February 2012




The May family has its daily routine; the oldest boy comes home from partying at dawn the same time his mother, Tessie, begins her work baking cakes. At noon, Tessie wakes her younger son, Conor, and throughout the afternoon Tessie bakes cakes and Conor plays video games.

This day-today works just fine, helping them maintain a private, isolated world where they can keep their secret carefully concealed and almost evade their unspeakable pain.

This evening, however, when Tessie’s boss picks up the cakes, their carefully balanced life may be undone.

Cast Author, Designers & Crew            

Gigi Bermingham Author: Kathryn Graf Brendan Patrick Connor Director: Joel Polis Nicholas Podany Sets & Light Design: Jeff McLaughlin Jula Prud'homme
Sound Design: Chris Moscatiello
Wolfie Trausch Stage Manager: Christopher Hoffman


bermingham_gigi_125x150 Brendan_Patrick_Conner125x150 Nicholas_Podany_Use_125x150 Prudhomme_125x150 WOLFIE_TRAUSCH_125x150 Gigi Bermingham Brendan Patrick Connor Nicholas Podany Julia Prud'homme Wolfie Trausch