A solo performance written and performed by John Fleck



directed by Ric Montejano

 BUCKLE UP for a hair raising roller coaster ride through hell and back
with 2 hysterical mad women, Ms. Judy Garland and Josephine Fleck
accompanied by their sons who survive the ride.

The LA Times says “John Fleck is perhaps best known as one of the
NEA Four, envelope-pushing performance artists whose denial of
funding by the then-NEA chairman was the basis for a landmark
Supreme Court case in the early ’90s.

As he proves in “Mad Women,” Fleck is no mere footnote in theatrical
history. Nor have the decades mellowed his signature style, which
can best be described as cyclonic. Indeed, Fleck invests his new solo
show with the kind of manic energy and off-the-wall humor for which
he has become justly renowned.”

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May 6 - July 31, 2011
Katselas Theatre Company
Skylight Theatre/Skylab, Los Angeles

Mad Women, Backstage (NY)

Lip-synching Judy Garland
should be a bore, but in the
hands of John Fleck, it’s profound

December 2 - December 11, 2011
La Mama's "The Club"
 , New York

developed at Skylight Theatre Company