She's a little harsher and who can blame her, on her son, Andrew (Michael Cotter), a real shlump who walks around in pajamas all day. Don't ask what he does for a living! When the eldest daughter, Jane (Jessica Ires Morris) is left at the altar, Stella doesn't throw in the tea towel, au contraire, she's ready to plan another party, utilizing the pre-paid caterer. It's all very light weight but fuelled by the fact that it keeps the audience guessing as to who will end up with whom.

Directed by Susan Morgenstern, the ensemble is on its toes, in costumes by Sofia Radin, with set and lighting credited to Jeff McLaughlin. Morris, the jilted bride, plays it with the right gallows humor. Weier and her partner Berliner, are a credible, same-sex pair. Katherine Griffith as the massive, mannish Cousin Helen, tipples her way through some comic bits. The statuesque Jennifer Schock as Tara, a single, young woman whose biological clock is about to sound the alarm is appealing and the bespectacled Cotter is ideally cast as the typical adult son, still living with mama. Speaking of whom, it's Scarpino who makes this show worth seeing.

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