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Beyond Conversation Immediately after Sunday matinee
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Introducing THE MADRES

Director Sara Guerrero and actress, Arianna Ortiz talk about THE MADRES.


APPEARING IN VIDEO: Sara Gueerero, Denise Blasor, Margarita Lamas, Natalie Llerena, Arianna Ortiz, Alexander Pimentel, Gabriel Ramero

Inspiration for DISCONNECTION

“Disconnection was inspired directly by my experience with Scientology, and its notorious policy of the same name, whereby members must renounce their affiliation with anyone deemed to have gone against tenets of the Church. After watching this odious policy affect the life of one of my mentors, and again experiencing its interference in my own relationship with my cherished piano teacher, I was compelled to write this story.  Scientology is just one of many controlled-thought systems that have taken hold throughout history, but the play is designed to be a metaphor for all those systems. It is not just an indictment of Scientology’s disconnection policy, but of all of its ancestors, and hopefully, its progeny as well"

– Allen Barton (Playwright)