Rotterdam ON SALE NOW - 2017 Olivier Award Winner | West Coast Premiere 
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The 2017 Olivier Award winning play, ROTTERDAM by Jon Brittain, begins November 4, 2017 at Skylight Theatre.

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Director, Michael A. Shepperd, Ashley Romans, Miranda Wynne, Ryan Brophy
are interviewed about the play, Rotterdam.  Also appearing, Audrey Cain

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Cologne (2011)



starring Harry Hart-Browne

"Strikingly sensuous" -NY Times
"Daring, savagely incisive" -LA Times

Tony Abatemarco's COLOGNE, starring Harry Hart-Browne, is set on Long Island in the '60's. A one-man show dealing with the dire consequences a boy faces when he tries to take the heat off his sexual identity by drawing attention to someone else's who he just happens to be involved with.