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workshop performance

Is it easier to accept a sibling's cruel nature if it is steeped in the supernatural?

written by Boni B Alvarez
directed by Thomas O'Leary

Boni B Alvarez, writer - PlayLab, Skylight Theatre Company
Boni B. Alvarez

cast: Christine Corpuz, Eric Esteban, Jason Rogel, Ellen D. Williams

LAbWORKS2013WebInspiration for writing BLOODLETTING:
"BLOODLETTING is a Magical Realism spin-off of my kitchen-sink play DUSTY DE LOS SANTOS. As DUSTY was a large ensemble piece, I found that there were so many characters that I just didn't get to spend enough time with. I lifted Farrah and Bosley from the ensemble and gave them a journey of their own. What resulted is an exploration of the bond siblings share set against the mystical, yet grounded belief Filipinos have in aswangs (witches)."

Synopsis: In BLOODLETTING, siblings Farrah and Bosley Legazpi are forced to make a journey back to the Motherland. Their father's last wish was for his ashes to be sprinkled in the newly minted 'natural wonder' – the Underground River of Palawan in the Philippines. During the tension-filled journey, the two must sort out their father's affairs as well as their own relationship. When they discover that one of them is an aswang (a Filipino witch), 30+ years of feelings come to a boil. Is it easier to accept a sibling's cruel nature if it is steeped in the supernatural?

Skylight Theatre Complex

LAb WORKS is a Festival of plays by our resident PlayLab writers.  The plays are performed as Workshop Productions and as Readings. These are truly new plays; each year  the PlayLab writers begin and complete a play which is presented in the annual festival of new works.

Join the creator IN-Konversation after the show. This moderator assisted Talk-Back allows the writer to immediately solicit audience feedback to further advance their project. It's a unique opportunity for the creator to ask pointed questions about what works and what doesn't.

INKubator is our development program and includes:

  • Play Reading Series, works from across the greater Los Angeles area
  • PlayLab, invitation only professional play writing laboratory
  • LAb Works, annual festival of new plays from the PlayLab writers
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  • SOLOmojo, solo performance intensive
  • unAUTHORized, writing workshop for 18-25 year olds; launching in 2014