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THE PLAY READING SERIES is part of Skylight's INKubator Artistic Development Program

- The Play Reading Series offers writers the opportunity to experience their play in an artistically rich environment. The process gives the playwright invaluable feedback from the creative team and most importantly, it allows the writer to experience their play not just "hear" it.

- IN-Konversation: A different kind of post-reading talk-back.
Audience experience is an important part of the development of a new play: The writer joins with the audience In-Konversation and asks specific questions that will help to further develop their play rather than receiving unsolicited, general feedback.

- Next Steps: The writer meets with Skylight's Artistic staff regarding impressions gleaned from the reading and possible next steps. The collaboration with the audience and Skylight's creative team creates clues as to how their play might be fully staged.  

 Interested?  Please read before you submit your work.


  • Readings are scheduled around Skylight's production schedule
  • Writers may have a cast and director already attached for the reading. If needed, Skylight can help provide the necessary talent.
  • Limited rehearsal time in one of our theatres is provided for each reading, but we insist on very minimal staging.
  • Readings are done on the pre-existing sets for the current main stage production.
  • There are NO LIGHTING CUES.  Sound cues must be kept to a minimum, if needed at all.
  • Music stands, a piano and chairs can be provided.
  • Audience: For the most benefit, writer, director and cast should promote the reading.
    Skylight will promote on Social Media and in the Skylight Newsletter.
Alfred Molina, JoBeth Williams, Skylight Theatre 2016
Audience, Play Reading


  • Immediately follws each reading.
  • Writer must agree to participate in the moderator-assisted chat with the audience.
  • The moderator's purpose is to help the writer focus the conversation on gathering feedback from the audience that will help advance the writer's project.  It's a unique opportunity for the creator to ask pointed questions about what works and what doesn't.


  • When a play is selected to be part of the INKubator Play Reading Series, the writer is required to sign a release granting Skylight Theatre Company the right to produce the play for a World Premiere production at a later date.
  • Skylight will not read any new work until this right is granted.



Play Reading Series - Skylight Theatre